The definition of pure is

1. Not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material 

2. Without any extraneous and unnecessary elements 

3. Free of any contamination.

I have sat across leaders, puzzled and grieved at requests to compromise my prophetic voice to obtain a particular outcome from my visit to their ministry or church. I don’t say this to point the finger at them, but to reveal the two-fold testing the heart of the prophet must go through to stay pure in a day when expediency and gain are more popular than purity and commitment.


A.W. Tozer said:

“The differences between the orator and the prophet are many and radical, the chief being that the orator speaks for himself while the prophet speaks for God.”

As an emerging prophetic voice, I had to realize I was not just a speaker, but a prophet of God with a great responsibility to represent His heart, will, and mind, even in the moments the pressure and demand to compromise were pounding at the door. Yes, you are a guest, but it does not mean you compromise.


I realized, whether it is deception or ignorance, my heart should be in a position to see the Church and Leaders come to the full knowledge of God’s true Prophets and Prophetic Ministry. I had to choose in those moments not to get hurt by such requests and demands, but rather from a place of peace and humility demonstrate a better way to prophetic ministry and prophets.

Regrettably, some emerging voices will get hurt and eventually become bitter, causing more damage and setting back the prophetic movement for a season. As Dr. Bill Hamon says:

“The true prophet’s spirit and personality profile demonstrates forgiveness, lovingkindness, restoration, and service to the Body of Christ. Those who minister out of a heart of negativism, pessimism, and wounded hurts from the past will not experience progress or promotion to new positions.”


  1. Don’t assume they should know better. Guard your heart; this is why you as an emerging voice should have spiritual fathers and mothers to help you navigate difficult I have found that most of the requests come from ignorance and lack of teaching on the role of the prophet and prophetic ministry. Very few I’ve encountered, their requests came from a spirit of error and deception.
  2. Model a Better Way to Prophetic Ministry and Prophets. I alluded to this earlier; I’ve had the incredible benefit of being trained in the House of the Prophets, founded by Dr. Bill Hamon. I’ve had intense training and teaching, lived in the atmosphere of prophecy and prophets for many years, yet still, many have never experienced what I have experienced, and it might be the same for you. Help others around you see a better way for prophetic expressions.
  3. Empower your heart with humility and forgiveness. Humility before God to seek wisdom and understanding, forgiveness towards others for you to be an instrument and representation of a true prophet towards them.
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