Prophets and Personal Prophecy: God’s Prophetic Voice Today

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Guidelines for Receiving, Understanding and Fulfilling God’s Personal Word to You

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There are more examples of personal prophecy in Scripture than any other biblical subject.

Prophets and Personal Prophecy is not an abstract theological doctrinal statement but a practical, how-to guide on what personal prophecy is and what you are supposed to do with it. This book is an absolute must for anyone who has ever heard (or even thought they heard) from God. Dr. John Gimenez

Jim Jackson, Ken Sumrall, Gary Greenwald, Norvel Hayes, and Emanuele Cannistraci have also endorsed this manuscript. Read their comments in the front pages of the book.

Prophets and Personal Prophecy, God s Prophetic Voice Today, makes incredible strides towards restoring Personal Prophecy to the Church and is the only book of its kind. Topics include:
* Putting Personal Prophecy in proper perspective
* The nature of Personal Prophecy
* Decisions for marriage, business, and geographic moves
* Guidelines for handling Personal Prophecy
* God s purposes for Prophets

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