Prophesying to the Bride of Christ

Something that is dramatically reforming my ministry as a prophet, is the realization that I’m not prophesying just to saints and members, I am prophesying to the Bride and Body of Christ. Would you speak to your wife the way you do to the Body and Bride of Christ?

Prophets Give Heaven a Voice

Healthy Prophets Give Heaven a Voice above Earthly Inadequacies There are many ways to help shift and reform ministry culture. Our experiences, good or bad determine what we give value to. As we voice the value of prophetic ministry, the benefits, and revelation of how to healthily exercise it, we Read more…

Prophetic Timing

Diligently wait and when you see the prophetic fulfillment, celebrate! One common pitfall for prophetic ministers is the how long it takes for a prophetic word to come into fulfillment and how prophetic words they have released are fulfilled. John the Baptist is a classic example of a prophet who Read more…

Prophetic Leadership

Understand the role of spiritual authority as you navigate your prophetic destiny. Leaders by nature have lived life longer than we have, they have if you will, a richer life experience than we do. THEY LEAD BY Cultivating Guiding Building Community and Relationship Their passion is for you to be Read more…

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