We are living at the crossroads in the United States. This nation is in the heart of God, and every purpose God has for it will be established so long as the praying Church never gives in or up to the enemies plan of neglect. Neglect of prayer has a high price; it is costly, it can set back the destiny of an individual and even a whole nation. Yesterday as I prayed the Lord reminded me of a dream I shared about the next two years of the Presidency of Donald Trump that I had in December 16, 2016. The political atmosphere at that time was chaotic as much as it is today. Yesterday was the second anniversary of the president. As I meditated on this, a burden came over me that we are to continue to pray, if ever, even more now. Unfortunately, the good we see can blind us to the other areas that need prayer. A lot of good has happened, in bringing divine reversals to this nation, from the judicial system, religious freedoms, standing for the life of the unborn, economic growth, and much more. Throughout this progress, it has been chaotic, of course partly because of the reality of who holds the office of the Presidency. While Citizens voted him in, in reality, God has his heart in His hands and is directing his path, again, so long as the praying Church does not give up or give in to neglecting prayer.

Dream from December 16, 2016

As I write this, I feel burdened with prayer. I pray you can pick up the burden of the Lord for this nation. Will you join me? As I prayed I felt the Lord speak to me through the life of King Uzziah, I feel it will offer some prayer points to you, let me share those thoughts with you:

Isaiah 6 says: “In the year that King Uzziah died I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up; and the train of his robe filled the temple.” (Isaiah 6:1, ESV)

Who was King Uzziah? When Uzziah took over Judah, it was in a weakened condition. It has been said that he helped rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, reorganized the government, promoted long-range economic policies thus bringing prosperity:

In the wake of this economic expansion Uzziah also organized and equipped his army (2 Ch. 26:11–15)…opening up extensive commercial opportunities. Mining industries flourished with the reclamation of the copper and iron deposits near the Red Sea that once had been controlled by David and Solomon. Judah controlled trade routes to Arabia, Egypt, and other countries.

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (Vol 4, P. 961)

Uzziah did many great things for Judah. While he ruled for 52 years with humility, he eventually came out from under the grace of the assignment God had given him. Success had blinded him, and it is said he:

“assumed the priestly privilege of burning incense in the temple (2 Ch. 26:16). The priest Azariah, supported by eighty associates, withstood the king in vain (vv 17f.). Uzziah was consequently smitten with leprosy (vv 19f.). He lived in seclusion during the rest of his reign, and his son Jotham governed the people (v 21).

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (Vol 4, P. 961)

Uzziah was recognized as one of the ablest kings after Solomon, yet one sin took him out from under the grace of God for his life. Will you pray? Will you come into agreement that we will support in prayer this president? We need spiritual eyes and ears to see what God is doing, not what political agendas are trying to dictate. See this nation through the eyes of God in this hour.


  1. For wisdom
  2. For strength
  3. For humility
  4. For wise counselors
  5. For exposure to deceptive plans and traps
  6. For obedience to Gods assignment and grace
  7. For Gods plans and purposes for America to be established.

Pray, pray, pray!

Edgar Iraheta

Edgar, Husband, Father, Minister, and Author.


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