Early this morning, I had a powerful dream. I woke up with such a sense of encouragement and wonderment. In the dream, I was prophesying to a pregnant mother. I could not recognize the woman in the dream. God had told me that she had lost a baby in the past and that the baby she carried now was a girl. I heard God say to her “She will be a Champion of Justice!” I repeated it over and over again. You could sense the flood of God’s liberating words come over her as a mother.

When I woke up, I heard God say to me: “I’m activating the Mothers of Champions of Justice. They must know, who they are as mothers!” If you are a mother, God is activating you, anointing you for such a task. The greatness of the call of your daughter or even son is the measure of grace and power you carry to bring them to their destiny. You are the Mother of a Champion of Justice!

If you have lost either through miscarriage or abortion a baby, the promise you carry now is a Champion of Justice. God is turning your sorrow and grief into joy, peace, and justice.

God is releasing identity and revelation to Mothers in this season.  You are in a season of Discovery and Activation for your purpose, identity and calling as a mother. Embrace this process and watch as God graces you with His wisdom. You were born to raise champions!

I declare over Mothers Today:

Be Activated

Be Empowered

You are the Mother of a Champion of Justice!



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Edgar Iraheta

Edgar, Husband, Father, Minister, and Author.

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Millie · junio 29, 2017 a las 2:22 am

Omg, I needed to hear this word. Thanks so much and may the good lord continue to bless you both.

    Edgar Iraheta · junio 29, 2017 a las 3:05 am

    God Bless you, Millie!

Connie · junio 30, 2017 a las 1:32 am

This is a word for my daughter who is 8 weeks pregnant after losing 2 babies.

    Edgar Iraheta · junio 30, 2017 a las 1:44 am

    Connie, will be praying for her.

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